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Femicide: a war without end.

Reading Time: 4 minutes A topic that has been in the media for a while that deserves most of the attention and awareness of people is the increase of femicide cases. Every other day newspapers, TV news, digital media from all around the globe add articles, interviews, analysis and reportages either making public cases of violence against women and femicides or trying to understand the phenomena and why it occurs.

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Is the EU still a union?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently while organising some files on my computer I have found some documents I used as sources to write the graduation papers of my bachelor degree in Economics. These documents are studies, articles, monographs and excerpts of books from different authors but all of them have in common one thing, the subject: tax avoidance (also known as tax planning) and tax evasion. My job was to read them, analyse and write a thesis about how the phenomena of the tax avoidance and evasion by multinational groups not based in the European Union affect the economy of the European Economic Area (EEA). A fascinating, yet challenging topic for which I fell in love with and that took me to an interesting conclusion that I will illustrate in this article.

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Why write a blog in 2021? (an alternate welcome)

Reading Time: 5 minutes … Blogging has become something for niches because people were mostly communicating and getting their news from social media… Social media took worldwide communication to another level, but not without a cost. People undoubtably communicate more, faster and easier, but what exactly are they communicating? Could this social media communication be considered “quality information”. Do a more immediate way to communicate contributed to improve human communication? If so, how? Are there any side effects if such “immediatism”? What are the real costs we have to pay to have such  “instantaneous” communication?